Exceptional Customer Service At The Core Of Online Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are now using their digital footprint not just as a sales channel but also as a tool to enhance the customer experience. Critical when governments restrict our ability to experience products in stores. 


By creating a digital window display of products in use and most importantly, aiding the purchasing decision by developing purchasing decision support tools. For example:

  • Virtual try-on-tools for make up – take a selfie and apply the tone of lipstick or blusher to your skin to see which suits;
  • Input your body measurements – find the perfict fit of clothing items
  • Online consultations – book an appointment with beauty, interior design or fashion consultants.

The underlying issue being; how can brands remain close to their clients, listen to them and surprise them wherever they may be?

The experience needs to be frictionless through the online customer journey to enhance conversion rates.

The customer service function is undoubtedly a critical point with luxury brands needing to have state-of-the-art interaction via chatbot or virtual agents to service customer queries on demand. 

However, in addition to customer service, as we become more virtual, key touch points will also be important . When customers receive their order through the post, how has it been packaged? Is there a scent applied to remind the consumer of the store experience? 

Brands at the forefront of consumer experience through creativity and innovation will strive. Brands need to remind their customers they still exist as consumers shift their behaviour towards the online world.  One luxury brand business we are working with has seen 30% YOY growth as the industry deals with this seismic shift t commerce.


Taking that support we offer in-store and reproducing it online is crucial for the luxury industry.

By Mihir Shah on 29/01/2021