We chose the name, reflecting the similarities of our role with those of a maritime pilot, taking responsibility for guiding a vessel through difficult waters and ensuring the safe passage of people, environment and ship. As the International Maritime Pilots’ Association states, pilots “are highly trained experts in ship navigation in specific waters and possess extensive knowledge of local conditions”.

Not unlike pilots, we are here to guide you through transactions by applying our technical knowledge and understanding of market conditions and the industry you operate in. Often this requires us to be alongside you before you arrive at your destination to ensure the best possible approach to managing the unseen dangers and currents to get the required result.

We help our clients through some of the most financially rewarding aspects of their lives and we take this responsibility seriously; having to balance leading and supporting, guiding and understanding, together with giving pragmatic, practical advice. The reasons for a transaction are numerous, ranging from an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking to fund growth to a private equity-backed business moving onto the next stage of its evolution to an owner looking to exit. One thing all deals have in common is the need for an independent view not afraid to challenge or take responsibility for direction whilst the owners focus on their business.

Each of our senior team members has over a quarter of a century of expertise. Whilst over this time a great deal has changed, much remains the same. We enjoy our work because of this intriguing mix of constancy and progress. No two deals or clients are the same, so our curiosity is frequently challenged as our knowledge grows.

There is little more satisfying than helping a client achieve a major milestone for their business or family. As a client recently told us: “You really love doing this, don’t you?”