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The opportunity to purchase the business can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.  An MBO presents a tremendous opportunity for managers to control the future direction of the company with the potential to create considerable personal wealth.

There are many pitfalls which can conspire to stop a deal.  Management teams do well to take advice and give themselves the best possible chance of success. How can we help deliver your deal?

  • Ensure the best approach for the vendor: get this wrong and there is often no way back
  • Ensure you understand the real value of the business and communicate that to the owner: you don’t want to overpay and the vendor does not want to sell cheap, it is a fine balancing act
  • Raising the necessary finance from equity and debt providers: We help you find the funders who best reflect your plans for the business, it will be a long-term relationship
  • Structure a deal which maximizes your equity but does not place too much risk on the business: get this wrong and you could spend time micro-managing cash rather than growing value
  • Lead negotiations with the vendor and funders: not only do we know what is possible, but we act as a buffer; emotions can run very high.
  • Keep the deal on the rails and deliver completion

MBI Candidates

We work with exceptional candidates looking to buy into a business, how do we help?

  • Identify suitable targets
  • Approach targets
  • Undertake initial valuation work
  • Negotiate an outline deal
  • Secure funding
  • Deliver completion

Selected Deals

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