Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap

Today is Earth day – Please read our blog to see what we at Polestar have been doing to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our usage.

Whilst helping Oli with the blog I came across this article on how the concept of net zero is a deagerrous trap.

Its authors, three esteemed climate change experts, say:

“Sometimes realisation comes in a blinding flash. Blurred outlines snap into shape and suddenly it all makes sense. Underneath such revelations is typically a much slower-dawning process. Doubts at the back of the mind grow. The sense of confusion that things cannot be made to fit together increases until something clicks. Or perhaps snaps.

Collectively we three authors of this article must have spent more than 80 years thinking about climate change. Why has it taken us so long to speak out about the obvious dangers of the concept of net zero? In our defence, the premise of net zero is deceptively simple – and we admit that it deceived us.”

Their view is is worth 5 minutes of your time to consider.  The reliance of tech to meet Zero Carbon targets is of real concern to the authors, who are reminding us we need to reduce emissions and not just rely on carbon capture and the other technologies.

We have arrived at the painful realisation that the idea of net zero has licensed a recklessly cavalier “burn now, pay later” approach which has seen carbon emissions continue to soar.

By Charles Whelan on 22/04/2021