5G and its application in manufacturing

Manufacturing & Distribution

We will all have heard about the 5G rollout and if you are like me, the immediate thought may well be ‘…..better data download rates’ and ‘…what’s the big deal’.

The article below outlines how 5G, applied in the right way in manufacturing, can bring compelling results, such as; real time data from the entire factory floor, predictive maintenance (preventing disruption/down time), asset tracking, enhanced visibility across the supply chain from purchase order, procurement to delivery.

5G enabled technologies also include robotics, AR (Augmented Reality), condition-based monitoring.

The data itself will assist management with analysis, efficiency savings, reduce wastage and should help drive better margin. This will also help with fulfilling ESG criteria (mentioned in earlier posts).

So, if the trials underway prove the value of 5G are successful, then any support for manufacturing from advances in technology is to be welcomed. Anything that helps drive data availability, drives better awareness and more informed decision making.

Technology and data are becoming ever more important to business’ futures and valuations. The ability of management to identify, automate and monitor are becoming the key drivers of value. Manufacturers who invest in technology which enables this will have bright futures.

Over the last decade or two we have worked with a number of manufacturers as they move towards the new industrial age. We would love to understand your plans and how you wish to embrace the opportunities presented.

5G will enable digitalisation solutions aiming to lower costs, grow margins, increase quality, reduce time to market and greatly improve delivery times.

By Anusheh Khan on 17/02/2021