Will AI provide the benefits it promises?

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) props up everywhere! Be that in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Gaming or Financial Services, AI is by far the biggest buzzword of the decade. I challenge you to go a week without coming across it. 

Why would we not want to dive into a conversation that sparks excitement or talk about disruptive solutions that may change the world on the back of the amazing benefits AI can bring? It’s revolutionary, but how much of it is reality?

We always closely align AI with the word “potential”. But how far are we away from that potential? According to the IDC, only 20% of data in healthcare is in a format for further analysis and manipulation. If we can’t feed the beast with quality inputs, regardless of its promised ability, the technology will not deliver the desired outcome. This is further compounded with large proportions of NHS data currently residing in aged IT assets and legacy systems, obsolete from any further use. 

The biggest hurdle for the adoption of AI in Healthcare is clean big data. As you can imagine, the task in hand is huge. We at Polestar are working with a client that addresses this problem. The software is quite remarkable. An automated software solution that corporately verifies data so that it can be used to draw meaningful insights. Immediately, the exciting opportunities for AI in Healthcare takes another step towards actual reality. 

The advanced computer software is already showing its potential to revolutionise medicine in fields ranging from diagnosing patients, gleaning new insights into diseases and improving how hospitals run.

By Bhavik Borkhatria on 29/08/2019