UK EdTech’s Post-Pandemic Boom

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The UK Education Technology market has recently been projected to reach a valuation of £3.4 billion by the end of 2021 in a recent publication by the Department for International Trade. Building on the existing the range of cutting-edge solutions, UK businesses are expected to fuel innovation and underpin the interactive learning space in the years to come.

Discussed in an article by Future of Education news, the UK is estimated to lead the European EdTech market attracting over $1 billion in investment since 2014, an amount larger then the next three countries combined.

In a recent interview, the UK minister for exports, Graham Stuart, emphasized just how important education investment has been during the pandemic; with historical figures of education exports reaching £23.3 billion in 2018, the outlook for the sector looks brighter then ever.

Feel free to go and have a read of the article yourself – it’s a short and insightful read, best enjoyed over a cup of coffee and a bag of hula hoops as I did this morning. I should also mention Polestar’s Education sector valuation spotlight, where we discuss both public and private markets which is being released this month. If you would like to discuss this article or receive an early copy of our sector valuation, please get in touch!  

Education exports are far more than selling products, it’s about sharing classroom practice and creating a truly Great British education experience globally

By Joe Graham on 07/10/2021