Traditional pocket money – a thing of the past…

The use of fin-tech both commercial and personally is exponentially increasing with technology advancements providing innovative solutions for efficiency, convenience and access to our finances. 

In a society where card usage is the preferred choice of payment and money management, there is no surprise Fin-tech was the most active sector for capital raising in 2017. With significant investment appetite, the number of start-ups within the sector is exponentially increasing. According to the “Mind the Bridge, Tech Scaleup Europe: 2018 Report”, there was a 30% increase in US Fin-tech startups between 2016 and 2017. In comparison, the number of Fin-tech startups in Europe has doubled YOY since 2014. Why? A simple answer. Technology is rapidly changing and evolving our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Concepts and ideas deemed unimaginable a decade ago, today, a simple reality. 

RoosterMoney another a great example. Arguably, a target market not traditionally considered by fin-tech firms but a disruptive concept nonetheless. Its brilliance in its pure simplicity. 

At Polestar we come across a number of great companies looking to raise finance for future expansion. The majority of which provide innovate solutions. Commonly, a concept or idea is never enough. Investors primarily want a return (an attractive one in all cases). In reality, commercial viability is essential for success and the roadmap to achieve seven digit revenues in a finite time requires planning and (more importantly) perfect execution. 


Pocket money app RoosterMoney has become the latest player to release a prepaid card for kids, which works by parents loading it with money which children can then spend in shops, on the internet or by withdrawing cash at ATMs.

By Bhavik Borkhatria on 06/06/2019