Help young people’s lives

The airwaves are rightfully full of discussions on mental health; after all, it is Mental Health Awareness Week.  But all the noise aside the statistics are staggering and mental health is the number one illness for young people.

If we can diagnose and help young people early, we can give them the tools and assistance to lead wonderful lives; this help takes time, energy and cash.  At present, government is failing to spend a proportionate amount (as recommended by the World Health Organisation) of the nation’s wealth on dealing with young people’s mental health issues.

How do I know this?  Alex Conway, one of my most long-standing friends, former colleague at what is now Polestar, and all-round top chap has founded a charity very close to his own heart. He has made the issues raised this week his lifetime’s work.  Miricyl, the charity he founded, raises money for research into mental health. This research will tackle root causes and save lives. 

Please click through to to see the great work they are doing and maybe you could run or ride for young people’s mental health?

According to the World Health Organisation mental illness has more impact on young people’s lives than any other illness. It has 3x the impact of the nearest cause of illness and 8x the impact of cancer.

By Charles Whelan on 17/05/2019