Are you ready for digital humans?

More of us are getting to know and become comfortable with the likes of Alexa, Siri and Cortana. However these are still very early days and the next development in virtual assistant technology is now adding a human face, body and emotions to the voices.  Where else might it go?

Digital Domain’s journey has led to the development of digital humans – not just 3D, robotic versions – but actual digital replicas of people that interact with us using real human mannerisms. Adding non-verbal cues and nuances to virtual assistants will definitely improve communication. 

And speaking of communication, this technology opens new doors between humans themselves! Digital replicas could allow us to communicate with friends and family far away as if they were in the same room. 

With such technology developing so rapidly, how soon will it be before this becomes the norm in communication? Companies such as IKINEMA are leading the way, their work is bringing sci-fi to “life”.

Digital Domain’s Head of Software R&D, Doug Roble embarked on the challenge to develop digital humans which move, interact and respond as humanly possible, not only physically, but emotionally. To achieve this mammoth task, they brought onboard IKINEMA’s real-time production solution, IKINEMA LiveAction to enable accurate transferral of Roble’s natural body movements on to his digital self DigiDoug.

By Nischal Neupane on 26/05/2019