Are we possibility or probability thinkers?

I’m enroute to a week’s skiing – yes I booked a flight into France for the day after we were supposed to Brexit. Brave or stupid?

As I sit on the transfer up into the Alps it has got me thinking. So much of the malaise in politics and indeed much of life is because we are constantly told what is and is not possible. This makes us inward looking and dulled.

I love this quote from the worlds fastest Marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge:

“No human has run ‘the marathon’ under 2 hours. I accept the freedom of those who are pessimist. The difference only is thinking: you think it’s impossible – I think it’s possible” .

He has to find one minute and 40 seconds, a massive near two minutes to reach this goal. Who knows if he will make it, but he won’t stop striving. If he does not do so, he will be cheering on the next one with a chance.

It is this attitude that most entrepreneurs start with. But somewhere along the way we lose sight of the freedom this thinking gives us.

Lets try and reclaim it by becoming possibility thinkers rather than probability thinkers. Who knows what can be achieved and if you believe it, you will infect the team, customers and potential buyer; having fun whilst driving up value.

By Charles Whelan on 30/03/2019