Why run 171k?

In August, I ran the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB), a 171km foot race around Mont Blanc with over 10,000m of elevation, in aid of Robbie’s Rehab. Robbie’s Rehab is a rehabilitation service set up in memory of Robbie Keville, one of my youngest child’s friends, who passed away from a brain tumour aged 10. It provides vital help for kids and their families who are suffering in similar situations.

Whilst running, I got thinking that quite a few parallels that could be drawn between doing the UTMB and executing a deal. Here are my thoughts on the race itself and how that corresponds to a deal.

As dawn broke about an hour later, I was at 2,500m between two peaks with a beautiful valley in front of me; my spirits soared. Life suddenly did not seem so bad.

By Charles Whelan on 07/10/2019