When will you dine out again?

As lockdown continues, restaurants have had to innovate to generate cash and remind consumers their brand is still alive. How? Restaurant Meal Kits. Let them bring their freshly cooked food to you. 

I recently bought a Home by Nico box. The chefs cooked it on Thursday and DPD delivered it on Friday with ice packs inside the box, keeping it fresh. 

It comes with a neatly presented menu and a short booklet to guide you on how to cook, garnish and present each dish . It was bursting full of flavours, way better than just a take away and great for date night. BUT you have to warm some of it yourself in a pan, use your own cutlery and then wash up. Not a complete dining out experience.

The government teased us with two months of Eat Out to Help Out and I now regret not helping out enough! I am tired of planning meals everyday. I want to be able to go to a restaurant, eat, pay the bill and leave, knowing the washing is taken care of! I am sure I am not the only one.

Restaurant Meal Kits are only one option available to help the industry, and will not support these businesses in the long run. The hospitality industry continues to suffer with 79% of operators predicting they will not be able to survive a lockdown to May 2021 without further Government support. Only 5% said they could survive without support. The issues for these business and their supply chains are critical.

Will Rishi Sunak extend support? Hopefully we will find out before it is too late.  In the meantime if you need help in your discussions with your funders please do pick up the phone, you would not have been the only one to do so.

The vast majority of operators (79%) will not be able to survive a lockdown until May without further Government support

By Mihir Shah on 27/01/2021