Tory cult of “mad-swivel-eyed loons”

Matthew Syed is always such a sensible bloke. This is a great commentary piece.

When will awake from our stupor? The folly of Brexit reincarnates over and over again. I will be accused of being a “remoaner” (a term used to decry anyone who dares to suggest the experiment has not worked as intended). It should be OK to say if something is not working and UK plc is one of those things.

Much as I admire Jeremy Hunt, he now sits at the top of a tree filled with “Mad swivel-eyed loons“. If we need a change in government then let us get one, then we can have an honest appraisal of what our relationship with the rest of the world looks like. It is clear the financial markets do not like us declaring UDI on nearly everything (financial probity, trade deals, political stability, century old stabilising institutions and financial orthodoxy).

Look at the mess we got into before we helped shape the common market in to a free trade area. The result made us all richer and safer. We don’t need political union (i.e., a full rejoin of the EU) but surely a free open trade of goods, services and, importantly, people will help bring this madness to an end.

The backbencher Charles Walker gave a wonderful interview to Times Radio a couple of weeks ago. “We are a patriotic party,” he said. “Our first duty is not to get re-elected; our first duty is to the country.” I almost felt like hugging him as I heard those words, for it hinted at the Tory party that so many of us once admired. A party of pragmatism, of moderation, of realism. We need that party back for the health of our democracy.

By Charles Whelan on 17/10/2022