The work from home, teach & entertain young children holy grail…

You’ve been outside, spent a few hours rolling and building a snowman, almost put your back out with the constant rolling, pushing, lifting but how do you balance working from home, teaching your children and keep them entertained all at the same time……well look no further. 

Wired have listed a number of activities that could be of interest to you and your children (*subject to age range) from free or modestly priced Mister Maker craft sets to the 2,000 brick Lego Star Wars Y-Wing, which whilst expensive can secure hours of silent virtual call – work time nirvana.

I empathise with anyone else struggling to maintain the balance in the current environment, so every little helps. We know a number of online educational providers who also might be able to help supplement the learning material your children receive in what seems a notoriously fragmented virtual learning environment.

The best products and resources to amuse and engage your children without having to leave the house..

By Anusheh Khan on 28/01/2021