The Pilot – June 2019 Newsletter

It seems an eternity since we last had summer, but it has finally arrived – sports days, World Cups, Glastonbury and G20 summit abound.  This year, we can add a race to be our next prime minister.  I must admit to joining the Conservative Party a couple of years back following the BREXIT vote, so as to try and be one of many centralists looking to keep the Conservatives away from the hard right.  I fear an insufficient number have.  

The Reith Lectures this year has been given by Lord Sumption and he touches on this very subject.  In the 1950s, there were millions of members of political parties to keep them aligned to the general population, whilst now there are fewer than members of the RSPB.  Those that are engaged are generally closer to the fringe as centralists have lost interest – see the rise of Momentum and the ERG.  Anyway, at least I will have a vote and it will be for Jeremy Hunt, who, despite his rhetoric, is a centralist. 

This month, we have been discussing all manner of topics (do see our Insights page for them all – 19 in total).  I have highlighted a few below.  Richard Hall has written the first of what will be a short series of white papers on the exponential growth in data.  

I have brought you a report from McKinsey on supply chains and news of the impending arrival of 5G, and Bhavik and Nisch brought discussions on the evolution of the retail customer and how data holds the key to the future of marketing.  

Our resident youngster, Oli, has brought us shoes made of pineapple husks, not as crazy at it may seem.  Have a read. 

And finally, I am pleased to say we have just appointed Sandy Ritchie who has joined us from EY.  I will introduce him fully next month. 


Charles Whelan

The Pilot – Polestar’s monthly newsletter

By Charles Whelan on 02/07/2019