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+44 20 7965 6022

Charles Whelan


Charles started his career with KPMG in insolvency and has worked helping business owners navigate the downturns of 1990, 2000 and 2008. With nearly 30 years’ experience of advising on over 300 deals for business owners and debt and equity providers, there are few scenarios for which he has not had to find solutions. At this time of economic uncertainly he is well positioned to help clients meet the challenges of the months and year ahead, bringing together a blend of debt advisory, turnaround and reconstruction skills.

This experience is combined with a strong desire to understand the aspirations of all parties so that his clients can achieve the best possible outcome. Whilst he is never afraid to call out a counterparty and take a strong negotiating position, he understands the need for pragmatism to deliver a deal.

Previous clients have said: “Charles may be one of the biggest investments you have made outside a house; he is excellent value.”

As a keen sailor, triathlete and ultra-runner, he loves the outdoors (tricky at the moment). When indoors, he enjoys strong political discussion with friends and family around the dinner table. With a family of eight, there is plenty of opportunity to hone the debating skills!


Tel: +44 20 7965 6020

Email: chwhelan@polestarcf.com


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