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Chris Roberts

May 25, 2021

A swift recovery in Manufacturing

After a whirlwind of changes such as HSE requirements (Covid Secure), managing resource (staff in / staff off), finances –…

Anusheh Khan

April 22, 2021

Where have all the building supplies gone?

Introducing Project Shed Here at Polestar, we’re always interested in speaking to new clients and supporting new transactions. Sometimes, the…

Chris Roberts

March 29, 2021

Critical nature of the global supply chain

Many in export, import, distribution, and manufacturing will testify that there was already pressures on freight, with the cost of…

Chris Roberts

March 22, 2021

Have no fear, Super-Deduction tax incentive is here…

Many business owners and management teams will have noticed in the recent budget, the announcement of a new ‘super-deduction tax…

Chris Roberts

December 22, 2020

Manufacturing – Funding Considerations for 2021

You may have read our piece on HMRC’s move back to Preferential Creditor status, so I will not dwell on…

Mihir Shah

October 30, 2020

Digitalising UK Pharma

As consumers, we have been driven to adapt and change our behaviour for the world of ecommerce. Not just for…

Richard Hall

June 30, 2020

Managing Volatility on the Road to Recovery

We have been seeing some sprouting green shoots of recovery here at Polestar over the last three weeks or so,…

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