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Chris Roberts

July 20, 2021

How can employers can promote the value of their online benefits schemes?

I regularly hear from owner managers and senior management that they have tried benefit platform solutions for their employees (some…

Chris Roberts

July 20, 2021

Boom shake shake the room… Tick tick tick

Workforce engagement is at the forefront of senior management’s minds, in particular staff wellbeing. Covid has made many of us…

Chris Roberts

April 28, 2021

Wellbeing proven to boost business performance

Following our recent publication on the HCM landscape, there continues to be renewed interest in the space, particularly wellbeing, learning…

Oliver Hoade

November 8, 2019

A critique of the four-day week

‘Eight Hours’ Labour, Eight Hours’ Recreation, Eight Hours’ Rest’ The quote above is famously that of Robert Owen, an 18th…

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