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Shaan Bharwani

December 22, 2020

Southampton to pioneer new AI and Quantum Tech products at CES 2021

CES, is a yearly event that is considered by many to be the proving grounds for new and upcoming technologies….

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 30, 2020

Software and Technology UK – Mid-Market Private Transactions Snapshot December 2020

Polestar brings you the first of our insights into the UK mid-market software and technology sector. This report provides a…

Chris Roberts

November 27, 2020

ERP brings kaizen results to manufacturing…

Having worked in a warehouse as a student, managing stock and order fulfilment with a clip board, I always thought…

Mihir Shah

November 26, 2020

The Contactless Revolution

There has been much talk off a post-Covid world where employees increasingly work from home and consumers shift their shopping…

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 26, 2020

5 Technology and Software Trends Impacting Healthcare 2021

Prior to Covid-19, technology-driven change in Healthcare was arguably the biggest trend impacting the industry with artificial intelligence (AI), the…

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