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Oliver Hoade

April 21, 2021

Polestar’s Earth Day 2021 report: Improving but could we do better?

Earth Day is upon us once again, bigger and better than in previous years. As reported by the MD of…

Richard Hall

March 6, 2020

Crumpet and Ale

Surveying more positive news, Warburton has come up with a solution to cut waste, brewing beer from crumpet that, to…

Oliver Hoade

January 31, 2020

Are we wasting our waste plastic?

As the focus of both consumers and producers shifts ever more towards sustainability and creating a circular production economy, a…

Oliver Hoade

January 8, 2020

To-quil-a plastic straw

The year 2020 signals the start of a new decade and, with it, likely an ever increasing emphasis on environmental…

Sandy Ritchie

September 24, 2019

Speciality chemicals drive sustainability

The past week has seen remarkable scenes, with Extinction Rebellion protests taking place across the world causing wide scale disruption,…

Oliver Hoade

June 13, 2019

Should you have the right to repair your phone?

Anyone who’s ever cracked their phone screen or had to replace a faulty laptop battery will know how expensive gadgets…

Oliver Hoade

March 6, 2019

Is a plastic tax the best route to sustainability?

Following the outcry of public support, the government is looking to introduce a new tax on ‘bad plastics’ in a…

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