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Anusheh Khan

July 2, 2021

Manufacturing and Industrial H121 Valuation

Polestar’s latest report spotlights the UK manufacturing and industrial sector for H121, aggregate sector valuations and private market activity. We…

Anusheh Khan

May 27, 2021

Software and Technology H121 Valuation

This report spotlights the UK software and technology sector for H1 21, aggregate sector valuations and private market activity. We…

Anusheh Khan

April 29, 2021

Food and Leisure Q121 Valuation

This report spotlights the UK food and leisure sector for Q1 21, aggregate sector valuations and private market activity. We…

Anusheh Khan

March 31, 2021

Healthcare and Education Q121′ Valuation

This report spotlights the UK healthcare and education sector for Q1 2021, aggregate sector valuations and private market activity. We…

Richard Hall

March 24, 2021

People Value – Case Study

People Value is a well-performing Human Capital Management (HCM) business built on a solid technology platform, with quality recurring revenues…

Bhavik Borkhatria

February 22, 2021

2021 digital health predictions – an expert’s view

Technology advancements in healthcare are always an exciting topic with there being significant untapped potential to improve health ecosystems globally….

Mihir Shah

January 29, 2021

Exceptional Customer Service At The Core Of Online Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are now using their digital footprint not just as a sales channel but also as a tool to…

Shaan Bharwani

January 29, 2021

Business Services Q420′ Valuation Spotlight

This report spotlights the UK Business Services sector for Q4-2020, aggregate sector valuations and private market activity. We have summarised…

Bhavik Borkhatria

January 29, 2021

COVID drives e-learning growth

It is well documented that learning providers must now deliver courses online. According to a report by Future Market Insights…

Shaan Bharwani

January 28, 2021

China – Opportunity and caution

China presents British firms with almost unlimited opportunity, but that opportunity is fraught with difficulty and requires very careful navigation….

Shaan Bharwani

December 23, 2020

Q420′ Manufacturing Public and Private Snapshot

UK Manufacturing continues to follow a V shaped recovery as key sectors of the economy re-open evidenced by strong data…

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 30, 2020

Software and Technology UK – Mid-Market Private Transactions Snapshot December 2020

Polestar brings you the first of our insights into the UK mid-market software and technology sector. This report provides a…

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 30, 2020

What does the spending review mean for your manufacturing business?

The chancellor’s spending review was set out last week and with the significant government expenditure since March it was arguably…

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 27, 2020

Three reasons live chat can help you grow your business

I was extremely surprised to learn that  live chat had been around since the 1970s, especially given that the adoption…

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 26, 2020

5 Technology and Software Trends Impacting Healthcare 2021

Prior to Covid-19, technology-driven change in Healthcare was arguably the biggest trend impacting the industry with artificial intelligence (AI), the…

Bhavik Borkhatria

November 26, 2020

How do retail business adapt to the new norm?

Covid has become the catalyst for significant change with the pandemic applying more pressure to the already struggling high street….

Charlie Whelan

October 2, 2020

Is Chiken Licken right? Probably not

This week I spent a couple of days in London, I got on to an empty train, witnessed an desolate…

Chris Roberts

June 29, 2020

Maximise profits with excellent employee engagement

There is a trend of employers playing a greater role in their employees’ financial, physical health and mental well-being, which…

Chris Roberts

May 28, 2020

Home indoor-Outdoor Work Out vs Gyms & Classes

More and more people are having to adapt their personal exercise regime and are exercising for the first time from…

Charlie Whelan

May 13, 2020

Thinking of bolt-on acquisitions? Read this.

The current environment may appear to throw up some apparent bargains and I am often asked by clients considering an…

Charlie Whelan

February 27, 2020

Understand and prepare for changes to the off-payroll working rules (IR35)

Shortly, there is a significant change to way in which some companies will have to deal with individuals who provide…

Oliver Hoade

February 27, 2020

Maximise Your Value: Gain Clarity

As a shareholder, you may well have attended seminars outlining how to sell a business, how to maximise value, or…

Charlie Whelan

January 28, 2020

Fintech’s extraordinary goldrush continues

Visa’s acquisition of San Francisco based Plaid for in excess of $5,300,000,000 reflects how Fintech is changing way we all…

Nischal Neupane

April 7, 2019

Traditional businesses turning to tech m&a to stay competitive?

Bridgestone’s acquisition of TomTom has increased its offering to include telematics services. Having started life as a tyre producer, it…

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