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Oliver Hoade

April 28, 2021

3 Lessons Healthtech can learn from Fintech

The rapid digitisation and decentralisation of legacy finance happened simultaneously and was only exacerbated by the lockdown measures of the…

Richard Hall

April 28, 2021

Is 19 a lucky number?

Writing about the positives arising from Covid is perhaps a somewhat shorter perspective than the alternative, but at Polestar we…

Mihir Shah

October 30, 2020

Digitalising UK Pharma

As consumers, we have been driven to adapt and change our behaviour for the world of ecommerce. Not just for…

Bhavik Borkhatria

October 29, 2019

Virtual reality – a promising future

Virtual reality (“VR”) is often associated with thoughts of avid gamers frantically screaming as they immerse themselves in an virtually…

Bhavik Borkhatria

September 24, 2019

Digitally transforming the NHS

Historically, the adoption of technology on a national level within the NHS has been difficult. In 2013 the Government pulled…

Bhavik Borkhatria

July 25, 2019

The healthcare conundrum

Heathcare is one of Polestar’s key sectors.  Why would it not be as the NHS is one of the largest…

Bhavik Borkhatria

April 8, 2019

What goes up must come down

I imagine most people are familiar with the phrase “what goes up must come down”, however, this seems very unlikely…

Bhavik Borkhatria

March 6, 2019

Would you see a virtual GP?

The Healthtech market attracts double digit revenue valuations with M&A activity increasing substantially as firms provide innovative solutions to reduce…

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