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Anusheh Khan

July 29, 2021

Are ghost kitchens here to stay?

As we have come out of lockdown this month, it’s only fair to start reminiscing about what we’ve gone through…

Anusheh Khan

July 29, 2021

How to tackle food waste on your phone

Last month, I wrote a blog post on how an edible insect market could be a solution to handling food…

Anusheh Khan

July 20, 2021

Stadiums of the future: how Euro 2020 shows us the road map of entertainment

It’s crazy to think big crowds will ever be a normal concept of life again in a post-covid world. Seeing…

Anusheh Khan

June 30, 2021

Bitten by the bug: the next novel super food?

When I think of the word ‘super food’, products like avocados, kale, and broccoli are ones that come to mind….

Anusheh Khan

June 30, 2021

ESG – This season’s colour is green

As an analyst at Polestar, one of my roles is to write proposals for prospect clients. The area of focus…

Anusheh Khan

June 30, 2021

Tech and AI is transforming the fashion industry

While writing my blog post on green trends in fashion, my research brought into focus how retail has changed over…

Anusheh Khan

May 24, 2021

Technological Innovations in Supermarkets

Here at Polestar, we’ve covered a topics on how AI and other forms of technology is being used in manufacturing,…

Anusheh Khan

May 24, 2021

Petmania: a furry pet pandemic

When this pandemic started, a lot of people were concerned about adjusting to a ‘work from home’ life. For me,…

Anusheh Khan

April 29, 2021

Food and Leisure Q121 Valuation

This report spotlights the UK food and leisure sector for Q1 21, aggregate sector valuations and private market activity. We…

Anusheh Khan

April 19, 2021

Save the Street: Shop Out to Help Out

When moving to England, what I found most bewildering were the “schemes” that the government created to help out the…

Anusheh Khan

April 12, 2021

Food Poverty: The call for a new Food Security Minister

Last month, I wrote a blog post on how the pandemic and Brexit price increases were affecting low-income families and…

Shaan Bharwani

January 28, 2021

A slice of equity for debt at Pizza Express

PizzaExpress has announced its 2019 which show a pre-pandemic loss of £350m as it combats high interest costs. This debt…

Mihir Shah

January 27, 2021

When will you dine out again?

As lockdown continues, restaurants have had to innovate to generate cash and remind consumers their brand is still alive. How?…

Mihir Shah

November 26, 2020

The Contactless Revolution

There has been much talk off a post-Covid world where employees increasingly work from home and consumers shift their shopping…

Chris Roberts

October 22, 2020

#Support Hospitality

Having experienced the mask / no mask dance last week and navigated the bar restaurant floor space like Indiana Jones,…

Nischal Neupane

May 14, 2019

Plant-based burger maker debuts strongly at Wall Street

As vegan products become increasingly popular, opportunities to tap into the the vegan market have reaped excellent rewards.  Beyond Meat’s…

Oliver Hoade

April 8, 2019

Growing food out of thin air?

AeroFarms, an American company founded in New Jersey, is a pioneer in aetopoinc farming – farming where, instead of plants…

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