#Support Hospitality

Having experienced the mask / no mask dance last week and navigated the bar restaurant floor space like Indiana Jones, I feel sufficiently well qualified to write about the industry’s byzantine rules. 

The hospitality industry been recovering since the summer and worked very hard to put in place all the measures imposed upon them.

I am all for data lead science driving measures that would help reduce the spread of infection and any associated hospital admissions. However, last week, when challenged about the data source to support the current measures, the Chief Medical Officer’s response seemed to be ‘enclosed environments without masks’, ‘someone else’s home’ and general ‘hospitality settings’.   

Reading between the lines, there is no specific data to support the rules governing stand up (mask on), sit down (mask off) in a pub, restaurant and other hospitality environment.

In the office environment (an enclosed space), when we stand up to visit the kitchen/ coffee machine, there is no requirement to wear a mask (although we do when we sit closer than 2m apart). We use hand gel and wipe down surfaces frequently, which feels like the right balance.

Given the plethora of changes we have faced this year,  we should all do our bit to support the hospitality industry in any way we can. But it’s not just hospitality, its all the supply chain services that support the sector which are also impacted – wholesalers, taxis etc. Many of whom have not had directly targeted support initiatives beyond CBILS.

So get out and enjoy the hospitality industry whilst it’s still there, because it helps those other wholesaler, supply chain businesses survive too!

If you need support, please get in touch.  


Bars and restaurants ‘reaching point of no return’…..

By Anusheh Khan on 22/10/2020