Light beneath the Brexit gloom?

With a decision on Brexit looming, it seems the surrounding uncertainty has not discouraged UK M&A as it generated a healthy $400bn in the last year.

Technology and globalisation have ensured businesses can pursue international growth strategies more actively, and they do not want to wait idly by if they see an opportunity in the UK. This is very much reflected in our clients, who are keen and actively looking to transact when they see fit. 

The lack of political clarity certainly does not seem to be slowing investment and M&A yet, some very encouraging news! 

The UK is the world’s most attractive place for investment and for merger and acquisition activity for the first time in decade, despite Brexit-uncertainty.

The UK topped the list of investment destinations in EY’s biannual Global Capital Confidence Barometer poll of 2,900 senior executives responsible for making acquisitions.

By Nischal Neupane on 24/04/2019