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Manufacturing & Industrial


Specialist manufacturing is forecast to grow to nearly $400bn by 2023.  The market is driven by the need for ever-increasing efficiencies and visibility across the supply chain.  As firms bring their supply chains nearer to home markets, they reduce their environmental impact.  In addition to the current focus on software and hardware improvement, the next few years will be characterised by the development of manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning, machine vision and human-machine interface.  Hit these markets or introduce them to your processes and you will grow your value.


Manufacturing and industrials are being transformed by physical and process automation.  This is reducing employee costs, energy usage, batch sizes and tooling reset times.  Companies which provide automation through systems such as discrete control systems, 3D printing and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are attracting higher levels of investment and exit multiples.


Aerospace & defence (A&D) is forecast to grow at 4.1% in 2018, nearly twice that of 2016.  The drivers for this are strengthening GDP and growth in air travel, with commercial aircraft forecast to grow at nearly 5%.  This is great news for the UK’s world-beating A&D businesses, which provide bespoke manufacturing, software and services to the sector.


The move to a carbon neutral environment has led to an explosion of firms which support recycling, clean energy, electric vehicles and energy management. Traditionally, carbon dependent businesses have had the upper hand and especially whilst the price of oil has been low, but the unit cost of renewable alternatives is becoming increasingly competitive.  Firms with scalable solutions which can demonstrate to the end user the levels of energy and carbon being saved are raising significant expansion capital and are very attractive to multinationals, with tech-enabled business carrying the highest premium.


Packaging is undergoing a revolution, with all market participants looking to reduce the use of plastics through reuse or substitution.  Printing, which is highly asset intensive, is consolidating.  We have worked with a number of firms to secure funding for expansion and others to exit. The market is expecting annual growth of 3.6% to 2023 and so remains attractive to investors and multinationals.


Construction has for many years suffered from the cyclical nature of the property market.  Furthermore, the failure of Carillion has made funding construction business difficult to achieve.  However, firms that demonstrate a broad customer base, a niche market or strong market position attract quality buyers and funding.  We work with owners of businesses to ensure they are correctly positioned so a suitable transaction can be achieved.  Companies providing services to the construction sector, such as health and safety, software or labour are very attractive.

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