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Health & Education


The last 15 years has seen a rapid development of private equity “Buy and Builds” covering Dentists, Vets, Options and increasingly Pharmacists. These markets are highly fragmented and ripe for consolidation. PE buyers are therefore on the hunt for platform businesses. These are businesses which they can use as vehicles to purchase significant numbers of smaller firms. There is a relative shortage of platforms, so prices paid can be high, especially if they come with an energised professional management team.


UK adult social care is estimated to be valued at £42bn.  Providers are coming under increasing pressure as the prices paid by local authorities are not representative of the costs of delivery. However, where quality care can be delivered efficiently or there is an acute need then, there is a strong appetite for investors.  The balance between the points of delivery and whether they are funded by the state, insurance or privately will be a key factor for the next few years as we seek to meet the country’s health needs against a background of falling income and increasing costs.   Organisations which can make the most effective use of technology to help deliver positive outcomes will become very valuable.


The global healthcare technology market is forecast to grow at more than 15% CAGR from 2006 to 2021.  This growth is needed to meet the ever-increasing costs of delivery and the need to demonstrate adherence to national policies or the needs of insurance companies.  Technology is also accelerating with the development of machine learning and AI where diagnosis, drug testing and disease modelling are being transformed. Healthcare technology has become one of the most valuable markets as the needs of healthcare meet the required interpretation of big data.


The UK hospital market is estimated to be worth £75bn and is forecast to grow at 2% p.a. for the next five years. We have worked with charities, private hospitals and clinical commissioning groups to raise funds to enable the expansion of services as non-state organisations provide cost-effective solutions, with excellent outcomes, to the NHS as well as meet the needs of private patients from both the UK and overseas.  Our debt advisory team has excellent relationships with senior debt teams and mezzanine funds to enable cost-effective funding packages.


Recent trends include the reconfiguration of services in the context of reduced budgets and the need to achieve greater efficiencies, a move towards integrating services and adopting locality-based delivery, a greater focus on targeted work and, in some cases, moving delivery of all open-access work outside the local authority, to external providers.  Therefore, there is a significant opportunity for businesses to build scale and value.


The UK spends in excess of £85bn on education, one of the UK’s largest markets.  We have worked with service providers, supply and technology businesses.  Of these, it is edtech which has the greatest value.  Providers need to increase efficiencies, demonstrate quality and validate the outcomes.  This is increasingly being met by technology.  Furthermore, technology is reaching into the student’s classrooms and homes as increasing levels of teaching and support are being provided electronically.  The opportunities for investors and developers are boundless.


Training for all sectors has developed rapidly through the use of technology.  Organisations with excellent content, software and market reach are very enticing to funders, who recognise the growing need for initial training, CPD and certification.

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