Data holds key to the future of marketing

Imagine a world where companies stop spamming us with useless emails about offers we don’t need! Too good to be true, one may think, but mass spam emails could really be a thing of the past.

Customer data is everywhere and large enterprises are finally aiming to use it to understand customer behaviour and needs, rather than guessing about what they might like. This will become fundamental to successes of not just marketing strategies, but businesses as a whole going forwards. After all, if you don’t know what your customers want how will you draw them in?

Combined with the right AI technology, businesses can use data available to send customers targeted marketing campaigns, deal offers and information that they will actually want to look at. Sounds like a much better alternative than clogging inboxes with useless offers!

This is reflected with large players including Salesforce, Google and Microsoft acquiring AI and analytics companies to make sense of data and use it to understand customer behaviour much more effectively. 

Even a specialist firm like Polestar is investing in marketing automation, both to engage with potential clients, but more importantly to link those clients with potential purchasers and investors.

Using data properly allows large enterprises to better predict what their customers need. In the good old days, circa five years ago, you only used addresses to mail invoices. Sometimes it was used in demographic segmentation for marketing purposes.

By Nischal Neupane on 17/06/2019